Ashley Toth and Julia Feinberg



So you wanna know what our deal is? 

Hey. How's it goin? We're great, thanks for asking. We are two women who laugh until we pee and want to make others do the same.

We met each other. How you ask? The old-fashioned way. In college. In a BFA program at Tisch School of the Farts. We are creators, actors, comedians, writers, and gardeners. Our plant family is large and still growing due to our unhealthy succulent addiction.




Too Far is not afraid to get real about the struggles of becoming an adult. With a special wave at our fellow peeps in this weird limbo we call OUR  20s, we encourage our entire audience to not be afraid of laughing when life gets weird. Whether you’re going through change, trying to follow your dreams and get your life in order, or whatever it may be - we want you to know that you’re not alone


Through humor and extreme silliness that sometimes could maybe go TOO FAR in the relatability department, we want YOU to enjoy the process. 


Check out our videos and share them with your dogs. Bitches love us.


Meet the creators!

Julia Feinberg, co-creator/co-star of Too Far, is not a one trick pony though she does love horses. She is an actor, singer and song writer who writes comedic cabaret songs that’ll make you hoot and holler. You can watch her bust some rhymes about cheese on her website: Watch for her in the new musical “Brothers Wright” this July at NY Summerfest.  

Ashley Toth is a co-creator and co-star of Too Far The Web Show. She is a stand-up comedian, improviser, producer, athlete, and musical chairs champion. When asked what her voice type is she’ll tell you belter. When asked if she’s a dancer she’ll say she’s more of a mover. You can see her perform at various NYC basements, clubs, and living rooms on any given week. Check her out on


We cute.

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